About China

China is the world’s third largest country, dominating the map of eastern Asia. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of agricultural products & is the world's largest producer of rice. China has also become the world's third largest automotive vehicle manufacturer and the second largest consumer. China is also the world's fastest growing consumer market and second largest importer of goods in the world. On a per capita income basis, China ranked 71st by GDP (nominal) and 78th by GDP (PPP) in 2016, according to the IMF.  It exported $2 trillion of its production and imported $1.4 trillion of goods in 2016.

China has become an industrial powerhouse, moving beyond initial successes in low-wage sectors  like clothing and footwear to the increasingly sophisticated production of computers, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles.

China is well on its way to becoming the world’s leading economy.